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Synonyms for bookworm

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

someone who spends a great deal of time reading

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Free Public Bookworms Events in New York City Hotels Throughout National Book Month Feature Travel Writers, Poets, and Legendary Editors
In the workplace, bookworms are encouraged to set up book swaps, a reading club or even a theme night for a favourite writer or character.
And bookworms are invited to bring their children so they can play games to create stories, poems or just listen.
POP star Peter Andre has revealed his children are bookworms.
YOUNG bookworms are adding a new chapter to their school fundraising activities by taking part in a huge readathon.
Eman Al Ghawas founded Bookworms with the aim of making reading fun and exciting for youngsters in the hope of creating avid readers and intellectuals in the years to come.
YOUNG bookworms have designed a series of new library cards to encourage more children to get into reading.
Now a Tyneside venue is encouraging new mums and their babies to become bookworms, by holding a regular series of storytelling sessions for youngsters and their parents.
VALLEYS bookworms now have a simple and quick way of choosing a book to borrow before going to the library.
BOOKWORMS will have the chance to choose new furniture for the city's new libraries from next week.
Bookworms at Royds Hall are learning what their peers read around the world.
A WIRRAL school has been recruited into a national pilot exercise designed to turn reluctant readers into bookworms.
Sun Valley students were enthusiastic as Bush visited teacher Matthew Watson's classroom, where a phonics-based language curriculum has transformed kids who hated to read into bookworms.
In Bonnie Farmer's ABC: Letters In The Library, childeren ages 2 to 7 will enjoy the cheerfully colorful illustrations of Chum McLeod as they explore the alphabet, narrated in sentences with library themes: "A: Aisles of authors are arranged alphabetically / B: Beautiful books dazzle browsing bookworms / C: Humming computers collect countless call numbers".
And, not surprisingly, all of the avid bookworms shined in language arts.