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the proprietor of a bookstore

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Because he is one of the four sworn booksellers of the university
Everything goes by fours in that shop," cried a third; "the four nations, the four faculties, the four feasts, the four procurators, the four electors, the four booksellers.
Bedwin followed him to the street-door, giving him many directions about the nearest way, and the name of the bookseller, and the name of the street: all of which Oliver said he clearly understood.
Happening to be informed by a bookseller that a portion of the Annual Register was devoted to 'Characters', Mr Boffin at once bought a whole set of that ingenious compilation, and began to carry it home piecemeal, confiding a volume to Bella, and bearing three himself.
I have no lessons, do you see, and I don't care about that, but there's a bookseller, Heruvimov--and he takes the place of a lesson.
What a happy day for booksellers, music-sellers, and print-shops
The composite order again offered its advantages, and a second edition of the base was given, as the booksellers say, with additions and improvements.
Thus a swarm of foolish novels and monstrous romances will be produced, either to the great impoverishing of booksellers, or to the great loss of time and depravation of morals in the reader; nay, often to the spreading of scandal and calumny, and to the prejudice of the characters of many worthy and honest people.
After the most conscientious revision the book had last year been published, and had been distributed among the booksellers.
Though he asked no one about it, reluctantly and with feigned indifference answered his friends' inquiries as to how the book was going, and did not even inquire of the booksellers how the book was selling, Sergey Ivanovitch was all on the alert, with strained attention, watching for the first impression his book would make in the world and in literature.
para]]New, faster Flipsy BookSeller app features more buyers than ever to help college students sell used textbooks for 50 percent more than college bookstores will pay[[/para]]
An Internet bookseller which also operated an Internet communications service was charged in federal court last week with intercepting electronic communications and the unauthorized possession of password files.
based online bookseller who dares offer the book for sale in the U.
Not even high-profile fund-misers could keep Sisterhood Bookstore afloat; the much-loved women's bookseller is scheduled to close at the end of July after 27 years in business.
NYSE: BKS), the world's largest bookseller, will open a new bookstore on December 13 in Milford Crossing Shopping Center at 1375 Boston Post Road, Milford, Connecticut.