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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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The bookplates of hundreds of individuals and organizations in CHS's Kemble Collections on Western Printing and Publishing are part of a long-standing tradition.
and has a bookplate for the Toronto Public Library Reference Department, stamped 'Dec'r 23 1913'.
It is not clear whether Roth actually saw inhaler A and the inscribed bookplate of J Mason Warren or if his information was obtained from book by John Collins Warren Jr (1).
And yet another tale is that of an inexperienced bookseller who left an album of bookplates with him for appraisal, but omitted to put a price in the front.
The book has the Bridgewater bookplate, Clawson's book-plate, and the notice that it was bought for the Beinecke by the "Albert H.
Since many special-collection curators are reluctant to use irreversible methods of book marking such as tattle tape, bookplates, or impressed owner's seals, more ingenious but highly individual methods of marking a volume can be employed.
After the readings, each author designed a bookplate sticker that will be placed in the library copy of their story.
Either he gave the book to my grandfather, his son-in-law, or he inherited it when my great grandfather passed away, because my grandfather, Charles Edwin Fox, affixed his own personal bookplate inside the front cover.
A large star symbol above the doorway is thought by some to have been used by Addison as the design for his bookplate.
Another difficulty, he noted, is that libraries, naturally, don't catalogue books by bookplate.
On each bookplate, form a picture with thumbprints or fingerprints.
The presence of William Spratling's bookplate and signature in this volume raises some interesting possibilities.
The copy of the 1587 edition is in Du Plessis's own binding, with his hand-painted bookplate.
A volume pulled from the shelves was likely to have John Barrymore's bookplate in it, or an affectionate inscription from Mary Martin.