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a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place


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Last year, the agency printed half as many bookmarks, and the flashy cards proved popular with riders, said Maya Emsden, director of MTA's Metro Art Department.
SmartMarks is both a bookmark organizer and an off-line Web searcher.
Xmarks works with Google, Yahoo, and Live Search, automatically highlighting the three best search results based on bookmark popularity.
This requires the user to place the Bookmark & Share button on their website.
Improved Bookmarks button to quickly save and access bookmarks from any computer;
Users can leverage BMK's Graphic User Interface, its multiple bookmark modes, and its watch folder processing engine to bookmark single or multiple PDF files.
Bookmark databases can also be encrypted and protected by passwords to maximize user privacy.
A blue bookmark at the bottom of the screen means that the work package is bookmarked.
Coventry is the only festival to have its own custom-designed bookmark, which proved popular with writers appearing at last year's inaugural event.
The library has held a bookmark contest for 31 years.
Each child is given a bookmark with space on the back for four book titles and their parent's signature.
lt;p>Once you've decided to use more than one browser, you can treat each one independently (giving each distinct settings and bookmark lists) if you prefer.
KIEV, August 5 /PRNewswire/ -- K2 Research Team is pleased to announce the release of Bookmark House - the new browser independent bookmark manager.
CREATIVE youngsters got stuck into a national charity's book festival by designing their own bookmark.
I bookmark lots of websites, read lots of online journals, get abstracted and filtered information from a variety of "push" technologies, and subscribe to several listservs and other content distributors.