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Bookman recently appeared as a guest on "My Classic Car" to discuss collector protection needs and agreed-value insurance.
Bookman and fellow officials of the Air National Guard (ANG) participated in Saturday's ribbon-cutting ceremony to formally inaugurate the new supply warehouse on the 220th base on Old Wheeling Road.
With the funding, Bookman plans to travel to the frontlines of Iraq and Afghanistan to gain a better understanding of how members of the media are used as strategic assets for waging war.
In the spring, Bookman got the Board of Governors to approve a poll of Floridians on their knowledge about American government and its basic principles after the issue was brought to Bar leaders by the Bar's Citizens Forum.
I have a feeling it took him a while to talk to and to even look at me because, even if I didn't look like Neil Bookman, just my playing him was bringing back a whole episode in his life.
USADA said Bookman had escaped a ban because it was his first offence.
Bookman, 17, wants to be an engineer and her experience in the summer program now has her thinking of studying aerospace engineering in college.
The influential antiquarian book magazine AB Bookman is being revived as an Internet e-zine.
Into what "vacuum of disinheritance," one must cry in lament, have journals like The Dial, The Bookman, The American Review gone?
Nicole Bookman is the director of the prenatal and postnatal yoga program at Namaste Yoga and Healing Arts Center at 57 Broadway in Asheville, NC.
Schweinberger is of counsel in the San Francisco office of Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, ALFA's national General Counsel.
Jeff Bookman, a partner in the new entity, handled the negotiations for the purchaser.
Still, healthy-looking, early-stage embryos might have hard-to-detect genetic defects that will show up years later, cautions Michael Bookman, an oncologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.
Bookman Sidekick, a palmtop version of the of the personal organizer PC software, allows users to exchange organizer data between the desktop Sidekick and Bookman model.