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exaggerated studiousness

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Even I realized the idiotic bookishness of her words and answered her sarcastically: "Don't you think that Borges said the same thing about Buenos Aires?
In his analysis of short stories such as "Emma Zunz," "La secta del Fenix," and "El congreso," Wilson shows the limits of Borges's intellectual detachment from the material world by playing his bookishness against the reality of sex and love.
smacks of the smart bookishness of Partisan Review.
I see now that I had a foot in many camps, moved among them with ease, my bookishness hidden as I joined the card players or squinted under the lights of the snooker tables.
Vere is also a "dry and bookish gentleman," (3) and this bookishness is symbolic of Vere's tendency to always go "by the book.
The book lover is not (yet) a tomason, he seems to be implying, and reading is not to be equated with abstracted bookishness.
Although we made up long time ago, my dad still distrusts my bookishness and he certainly would have been more delighted if my meagre bank account turned from vaguely bankable to bankably vague.
The adult narrator, too, finds himself marginalized from that same world because of his nonparticipatory voyeuristic nature and his bookishness, which create similar liminalities between his agnostic perceptions and Caroline's marassa spiritual beliefs.
I've also stated reasons for and against getting to grips with them (and given some handy hints for bluffing your way to bookishness - without flicking a page).
This debut novel gets a lot of that rich bookishness right, heavy on the gothic detail and romantic suspense.
BENJAMIN DISRAELI'S MEMOIR OF HIS FATHER, PREFACED TO THE POSTHUMOUS fourteenth edition of Isaac D'Israeli's remarkably successful antiquarian miscellany Curiosities of Literature (originally published in 1791), underlines his parent's intense bookishness, calling him "a complete literary character, a man who really passed his life in his library.
The bookishness of the missionary's study would include medical journals, dictionaries in English and native languages, the Bible translated into the native language, account books, files of patients, new remedies, proverbs, and hanging, scrolls with quotations from the Bible and the "sages of the country.
This sort of low-level bookishness is akin to a gossip mag, the purpose of which is to engender the feeling that the readers are a part of the scene.
This despite such classic fun-crushing traits as workaholism (albeit reluctant) and bookishness (she went to New York University, Southern Methodist and Barnard, and still considers reading the best time a gal can have).