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Synonyms for bookish

Synonyms for bookish

devoted to study or reading

characterized by a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules, without knowledge or experience of practical matters

Synonyms for bookish

characterized by diligent study and fondness for reading


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NEW YORK, May 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bookish (www.
Bookish blokes are more likely to take critics' reviews to heart, while women prefer to go on author reputation.
His alter ego, Lily Savage, was a work of comic genius a thousand miles away from her bookish, country-loving creator.
Priestly hires bookish journalism graduate Andy Sachs to become her newest lackey, and it's not long before the rookie discovers the harsh reality that is the fashion industry.
Set in 1967 rural New Zealand this tells the story of two cousins, the elder Chris, a bully and the younger, Roger, more quiet and bookish.
The story is narrated by Julie's bookish pal Sarah (Helen Baxendale), and we follow their story from their school days.
That's fine by bookish sister Victoria (Amanda Watkins), but Jessica (Anastasia Barzee), the trampy and power-hungry oldest sister, smells a fraud.
DUST off your thick-rimmed specs and dig out your old satchel - being bookish has never been so cool.
A bookish teenager, she dated sports captains, smoked illicit cigarettes and was obsessed with Dr Zhivago.
Instead of being brought to book, Caines has been encouraged to be bookish
A bookish young man, living with a family struggling to survive an economic downturn and racial tension in the Virgin Islands, Gantos finds little support for his literary aspirations.
We know we're not doing Top 40," says bookish and bespectacled Krasker, 44, who produced, among others, the Broadway cast recording of Titanic and the cast album for the early Stephen Sondheim rarity Saturday Night.
Peering into Vented Rug, one imagines one's miniaturized self slipping through the slits cut in cardboard, shooting through the quick corrugated curve past an abbreviated skyscape, and skidding to a stop on the Oriental rug beyond, perhaps in the quiet living room of a bookish Narnian scientist.
Like other authors who have addressed the subject of sixteenth-century anatomy recently, she rightly emphasizes the importance of its enduring bookish aspect and of learned tradition.
They unclog a pipe at the Funny Bone; match Mickey Hollandaise's bad jokes with even worse punch lines; and search the library for an important manual without getting caught by the bookish and weepy onion librarian.