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Former booking clerk Eryl Edwards said: "Usually we hold the annual get together in Bala but because it was the 45th anniversary we decided to do something different.
Helpful booking clerks at Cardiff Central station are advising passengers wanting to go by train to Birmingham to buy a return ticket from Pontyclun.
As I use this service regularly I know what the correct price is, and so I managed to persuade the booking clerks to re-check their figures.
Station booking clerks Michael Rafferty and Wayne Levy were on the smaller Thames train together as they headed for Wiltshire and the second day of a training course.
Some examples of items that can be funded under this program include mobile data computers, mapping software, computer aided dispatch systems, booking clerks, dispatchers or civilian jailers.
Booking clerks - wearing ID badges in soft pastels that say, "Hi, I'm Kevin"
Thanks to a nefarious nexus between booking clerks and TTEs, touts are ensuring buying a tatkal ticket is next to impossible.
He said that the booking clerks were informing the travellers that that there was shortage of vehicles, which on the other hand, were parked at places out of the passengers' sight.
As far as I am aware, the receptionists are booking clerks who are not medically trained staff.
SANGLA HILL, February 02, 2011 (Frontier Star): Passengers have strongly protested and fought with booking clerks over the increase in railway fares, implemented here from the other day.
Booking clerks and National Rail Enquiries are telling people the cheapest fare for the whole, non-stop journey.
So the booking clerks would write on the booking forms `Posh' which stood for Port Outward Starboard Home.
Booking clerks were still kept busy, having to enter details of each ticket sold and also filling out a way-bill for each train, with corresponding stations on the route, each passenger's name and their class.
Cutting out the middle men, travel agents and booking clerks, cuts costs substantially.
In most cases, only touts get Tatkal tickets when the booking starts at 10 am due to the nexus with booking clerks.