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After determining when an Interventional Radiologist will be available, and checking stock, the procedure is booked in by the booking clerk, and then either the nurse or the booking clerk telephone the parent to confirm the appointment.
Former booking clerks, engineers and signalmen took the train from Carrog to Llangollen for their annual get together.
The eyes of people who had seen a man emerge from the Shepherd's Bush lodging-house' the eyes of the booking clerk who had sold him a ticket to Euston' the eyes of a ticket examiner who had seen blood on his face.
Other courses were warned; an alert booking clerk at another track spotted the same trick being staged, and the long arm of the law was on hand to surprise at least one of the perpetrators.
They still feel a ritual of some kind is appropriate," said Silja, 24, an airline booking clerk, who added that many of the marriages are carried out at ancient Celtic sites.
VENTURA - A former sheriff's booking clerk caught in a sting operation pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing public money and could face four months in jail.
He joined Pakistan Railways as Booking Clerk and started trade union activities in 1965.
Mulholland started as an assistant booking clerk in Southern California and, over the years, held such varied positions as district sales manager, regional sales manager, vice president sales, vice president of Matson Agencies, senior vice president in freight operations and president of Matson Terminals, Inc.
The Skype-style video link enables the booking clerk in Cardiff - who can see the samescreen display as the user - to guide passengers to the right ticket.
Prior to the war, he was booking clerk on the L&NW Railway Co.
Under "Urgent Mail Service-Counter Collection (UMS-CC) the clients can book UMS articles as usual clearly indicating booking Clerk that this UMS would be deliverable at the specified GPO's Counter instead of delivery at the given address.
Julie Stamper, Waiting list booking clerk, University Hospital, Walsgrave, Coventry.
District Judge Andrew Shaw ordered Cooper, a booking clerk, to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work during the next 12 months and to pay Mr Kadir pounds 50 compensation.
The thug tricked the booking clerk into leaving his office after claiming a passenger had collapsed on the platform at Yardley Wood railway station.