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someone who engages a person or company for performances

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Summary: Salman Rushdie's novel "Midnight's Children" was named Thursday as the greatest Booker Prize winner ever, scooping a special "best of the best" award for the second time.
The plant is seen by some to be one of the biggest threats to native habitat along the Nooksack watershed, and the county had hired Booker to survey the infestation.
This is the Newark that Booker says needs more policing, more comprehensive child-welfare policies, school vouchers, and more charter schools.
Toney also had Booker hurt in the second and 10th rounds.
More men working as frontline caregivers in long term care could be one of the solutions to help shore up the labor shortage in the industry, Booker said.
Steve Booker (left) with Paul Booker, Kevin Soffe, Julia Lucas, Nash Patel, Dave Thatcher, Marie Sopwith and Trevor McCann
Booker, a 33-year-old Harvard-trained lawyer and first-term councilman, raised in an overwhelmingly white suburb, represented a "new generation" that would wrench control from "civil-rights oriented" and "machine" politicians like 66-year-old Mayor Sharpe James.
A new web site is to be launched as part of the rebranding of the Booker Prize.
The latest includes The Castle of Lies by Christopher Booker and Richard North (Gerald Duckworth and Co, London, 1996) and The Rebirth of Europe by Elizabeth Pond (Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC, 1999).
NEW YORK -- Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited, which owns all rights in world-renowned reggae singer Bob Marley's name, persona and likeness, filed a lawsuit against Richard Booker to protect the Marley name and to prevent consumer confusion.
BRITAIN'S biggest cash and carry chain Booker cheered "solid" sales as it waits for competition watchdog approval for its PS40m takeover of Londis and Budgens.
By bringing the most robust suite of service management features to nearly any mobile device, Booker enables business owners and their staff to manage operations anytime, from anywhere, with features including appointment scheduling, payment processing, customer management, staff scheduling, and reporting.
Forget Trenton: Corey Booker is thinking about Washington.
com)-- Rising Star, Trevor Booker of the Washington Wizards, is turning the big 25
CASH and carry giant Booker has moved to snap up struggling rival Makro in a deal expected to add more than a million customers to its books.