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a dealer in books


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117) Alternatively, one could conclude that in La Neuveville it was above all the "Seven Articles" that were debated just as they "were found in the book of the Anabaptist patriarchs" that the bookdealer, Pierre Pelot, was currently distributing.
AB Bookman was last published in 1999, but Arizona bookdealer, Rick Russell, has now licensed the name and logo for Internet use and is ready to re-launch the magazine online.
3) The program began in 1995 when Professor Kent Emery of the University of Notre Dame (a world-renowned specialist in the Carthusian order) brought to the library's attention a precious Carthusian manuscript in the catalogue of a German antiquarian bookdealer.
One first edition available from a bookdealer is numbered "79 of the last 100 copies printed in the first edition.
In the ghetto, in a passageway that led to Gesia Street, stood a former employee of the famous bookdealer of Warsaw, Fayvel Rosen.
Bookdealer Harrold, 35, denies murdering his wife and conspiring to murder her.
10) Deaf and nearly blind from a bout of rheumatic fever that had ended his formal education before he completed high school, Hyde pieced together a living as a bookdealer and a researcher.
com gives preferential treatment to reviews of books whose publishers pay for the privilege, the online bookdealer now says it will disclose when it promotes books backed by advertising dollars, effective March 1.
12) The author who wanted critical advice would usually have his work read to a small circle of friends; `publication' normally meant giving the book to its dedicatee with permission to copy, then to other friends, and perhaps depositing a copy with a library or bookdealer.
There, Scaliger and Constantin had another close friend in the publisher and bookdealer Antoine Vincent, who obtained a privilege to publish in early September 1560 (Constantin himself got the rights seven months later to an annotated edition of this and other works of Scaliger).
Then, in 1742, Arthur Pond, an English portrait painter, engraver and bookdealer, published a set of caricatures which he had etched from a collection by Italian and French artists.
His books on gems are listed in The Index, an annotated bibliography of the 10th century compiled by the bookdealer Ibn al-Nadim.
The antiviolence statute had been used against a bookdealer charged with intent to sell the magazine Headquarters Detective, True Stories from the Police Blotter.
Tubingen, where Hesse worked as an apprentice bookdealer while writing his earliest works, sponsored a series of public lectures on such topics as "Hesse and National Socialism" and "Hesse--Author for the Young?
Wealthy bookdealer Colin Harrold - who had a new girlfriend - tired of his second wife Dianne after just two years because she wanted kids.