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a dealer in books


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Total 20 stalls have been set up at the fair where book sellers and publishers displayed their variety of thousand books including livestock, literature, IT, social science and also books stock on relevant fields of Veterinary sciences like Anatomy and Histology, Animal Nutrition, Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Dairy Technology, Public Health, Fisheries Aquaculture, Food Sciences Human Nutrition, Livestock Production, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathology, Poultry Production, Wildlife and Ecology, Biochemistry Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science, leather and fiber Technology, Statistics and computer Science, Environmental Science and Policy Management etc.
Conceived as an online book seller, Amazon has reinvented itself time and again and presently has an estimated worth of at least 25 billion dollars.
Almost three months after a popular revolt swept Hosni Mubarak away from Egypt's political life, book sellers and producers complain that the revolution had brought them nothing but recession and stagnation.
Roberts said that in recent years he has bumped into more online book sellers at library sales.
Reference books and price guides on antiques can be difficult to source, with many of the big book sellers often only able to order them in - not very helpful when you just can't wait to find out whether that bunny is actually a SylvaC and what it's worth.
A SURVEY by Internet book seller Amazon revealed the Bard was most popular in the North
As one book seller from Tampa said, with awe in her voice as she watched the celebrities line up like regular folk at the bar, ``This is an amazing party.
London book seller Yasser Al-Siri, 39, was given bail after a charge of conspiracy to murder anti-Taleban Afghan leader General Massoud, was dropped.
Book seller Barnes & Noble Inc (NYSE: BKS) is selling new and used CDs and DVDs online through its Marketplace programme at Barnes & Noble.
It is imperative that retailers align store operations with headquarter initiatives," said Bill Edwards, business consultant for StorePerform and former director of operations for the Borders Group, a top book seller.
The book seller is also said to have formed a partnership with Gardners in the UK, whereby Gardners' digital warehouse will ensure that file formats available will cover all major eBook readers, such as versions of Adobe pdf and epub.
Scholastic's best-selling "I SPY" picture books, with more than 24 million books in print since 1992, are the recipients of the Publishers Weekly "Best Book of the Year," American Book Seller "Pick of the Lists," and Parents' magazine "Best Book" awards.
Book seller Barnes & Noble Inc has announced that its website Barnes & Noble.