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a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)

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Book reviews are written by David Plaut, 3609 Cross Bend, Plano, TX 75023.
Introducing the Issues in Teacher Education book review section.
In addition to refereed articles, we also welcome book reviews or book review proposals.
Those interested in the Book Review Editor should contact me (sg-wtp@juno.
A large group of youngsters recently created a series of posters containing book reviews.
Karen's service as book review editor has been exemplary.
In another sign that literary criticism is losing its profile in newspapers, The Washington Post has decided to shutter the print version of Book World, its Sunday stand-alone book review section, and shift reviews to space inside two other sections of the paper.
Editor's Reply: Rather than continue our book review section, we have begun to do articles that profile different authors and give some insight into their works.
She was excitedly recounting her recollection of receiving a direct-mail pitch nine years ago inviting her to subscribe to a forthcoming magazine, Black Issues Book Review.
The Book Review Network will be launched in October as a place for members to share their opinions and recommendations on management, leadership and health care books.
We failed to include Sandra's name as the author of a fine book review that appeared on page 8.
One example is the leadership book review program held several times a year.
Beyond the color line and the Iron Curtain: reading encounters between black and red, 1922-1963; book review.
We've had several occasions to remark on the astonishing metaphysical feat of The New York Times Book Review.