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the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book

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This photo book binding system consists of four pieces of equipment; The Fastback 8x binder, Powis Stitcher, a stitch flattening tool, and the Fastback Hardcover Guide.
Tenders are invited for Book Binding Work Of Fanda Department For 2 Years
Limited Tenders are invited for Book Binding Finance
Tenders are invited for Labor Work For Book Binding (3rd Call)
Tenders are invited for Feeding Of Technical Datas Report Preparation, CBS System Software Data Transferring From Cds To Computer CSR Related Tenders Typing Reports Preparation And Documentation And Book Binding Xerox Multiplying Of Documents Dispatch Of Documents Filing Of FDS Check Lists Assisting In Up Keeping Of Doc Cell Documents Etc For Kaiga 3-4
Tenders are invited for Printing Of Pocket Manual, Activity Reports, Sop, Opl, Kaizen, Book Binding, Supply Of Abnormality Tags, Repair Of Tpm Galleries And Other Misc Tpm Related Jobs At Guwahati Refinery
Tenders are invited for Maintenance And Up Keeping Of Drawings, Printing Of Drawings By Using Digital Printing Machine, Photocopying Of Various Documents, Book Binding, Photography, Record Keeping At KAPP 3 And 4
Inspired by the design elements of leather-bound handcrafted book binding, the Huawei P8 combines clean, aesthetic lines with innovative technology, beauty and elegance.
Called "Bound to Last: Book Binding from the Middle Ages to the Modern Day", the exhibition explores the history of bookbinding through a unique selection of books.
Beebe also slips in a fascinating, kid-friendly lesson on ancient print making and book binding.
amp; Supplies, Foiling Supplies, Book Binding Equip.
The notebooks are made by survivors of drug abuse and human trafficking who have been imparted with book binding skills by the students as part of their initiative.
Recently master bookbinder Bonnie Stahlecker taught a Byzantine Book Binding workshop, and October will see Clark and Jacqueline Sullivan, both well known in calligraphic circles.
Now Simeon runs a clinic four days a week in Well Street along with wife Georgina, and devotes his spare time to book binding - a hobby which goes back to when he was aged just 15.
The company's artist inspired cases are classically handcrafted by third generation book binding artisans and a vintage wood surfboard manufacturing team.