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the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book

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We have taught them book binding skills to ensure a sustainable source of income for them.
Simeon describes book binding as a "serious paying hobby" and added: "I try to keep my work for top end book binding, the sort of work wanted by collectors.
The duo will be teaching specialised techniques but making them seem easy, with everything from making handmade paper, creating your own books and highly-specialised book binding.
Sarris later emailed Father Justin, the monastery's librarian, to suggest he take a closer look at the book binding.
Staff were able to learn the relaxation techniques of Gokeiki ( a form of Tai Chi, limber up with salsa dancing or try their hand at traditional techniques of book binding.
He dropped his acting ambitions in search for a trade and studied book binding as an apprentice for a year, before landing a job at HarperCollins.
I was greatly saddened to hear of the closure of the book binding department in the Central Library.
The first entry, Bath, shows that there are museums dedicated to book binding and the post.
The book, which is being sold by book binding specialists Bibliotheca Wittockiana, based in Brussels, is expected to be snapped up by a collector of old natural history books.
And a rainy day can also be a good time to learn the art of book binding.
Limited Tenders are invited for Book binding finance record maintenance and daily activities with banks omc and nro and book binding of finance and other departments
Tenders are invited for Te-08-supply of book binding cloth ordinary in assorted colours
Visitors will be able to see demonstrations of flower arranging, fine repair work on cathedral robes, book binding and calligraphy as well as exhibitions explaining the work of bell ringing, the library, and the music department, including the cathedral organs.