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a bag in which students carry their books

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The "just right" books, the book bag, the daily extended periods of independent reading, and the weekly poems are all part of the Wachusett Regional School District's literacy initiative.
Children count, play, dramatize poems, or even invent their own games during the book bag home visit.
DUDLEY - The Dudley Leo Club recently donated 14 book bags full of school supplies to Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group.
It fits in a book bag so it's going to be much easier to carry than a laptop; it's less expensive than a [PDA]-you better believe it will stick around.
The CHET Book Bag Donation helps get basic supplies to students so that they have a good start to the academic year," said Treasurer Nappier.
color) Melissa Cook, left, and Jeanne Johnson own and run The Book Bag, which sells used books at greatly reduced prices.
So that same year, Travis started a book bag drive at his school, and then sold baked goods, lemonade and crafts with his brothers to fill the collected bags with school supplies.
I can carry a book bag - stick a pencil (behind) my ear,'' said Caphart, 25, who has pursued acting for more than six years.
A smaller version of the popular JBL On Stage II, JBL On Stage Micro is great for travel; it can easily be stored in a briefcase, purse, or book bag, with plenty of room to spare.
There is no doubt that every student is very enthusiastic about his new book bag too, because it will be used throughout the year.
Blind since birth, Bandy carried a book bag and a white cane through the crowded hallways of Birmingham High in Van Nuys, navigating the vast campus on her own.
We sometimes take for granted even the most minimal detail such as a book bag, yet it can make a world of difference to any one child," he added.
When you put something as valuable as an iPod inside a book bag, the movement within the bag and the damage from other items rubbing against it destroys the finish and the value of your iPod.
The TimePrompt(R) runs on 4 AA batteries and easily fits into a Laptop computer case or small book bag.