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a book salesman

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Their fantasy lineup: President Clinton would be played by James Brolin; Hillary Rodham Clinton by Barbra Streisand; Monica Lewinsky by Shannen Doherty; snitch Linda Tripp by Penny Marshall; independent counsel from hell Kenneth Starr by Wendy's pitchman Dave Thomas; high-power fix-it guy Vernon Jordan by Robert Guillaume; Lewinsky spin doctor/attorney William Ginsburg by Richard Dreyfuss; book agent and Clinton hater Lucianne Goldberg by Sally Jessy Raphael; and our fave, Paula Jones by - tee hee - Howard Stern.
Lucianne Goldberg, who said she advised Tripp as a friend and not as a book agent, told reporters at an impromptu news conference outside her Manhattan home that she had listened to two of the tapes.
The writer claimed to be a receptionist for a book agent who had reached an agreement with a juror and her husband to write a book.
If you have happen to have any questions, consult the book Agents of Change: The Story of DC Shoes and Its Athletes.
Her friends and book agents on the ground should advise Ms.