accounts receivable

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a creditor's accounts of money owed to him

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For the tax software to generate the correct form, all book accounts and tax adjustments would need to be remapped into the software.
The New York Daily News first raised this question when it noted that her book account "suggests that she did not have her son checked, as required by Delaware state law.
Priest recognizes the important role book accounts played in credit, but she mistakenly asserts that to "obtain a book account credit, a person had to offer to repay the debt in terms acceptable to the creditor.
TWO out of three cheque book account holders have no idea what interest their cash is earning, according to new research from Investec Bank.
When asked if the book account is accurate, Wooden smiles and says: ``Let's just say he was very abrupt.
In his personal Face book account, Nujaifi stated that Da'ish cannot control Mosul for long, which is proved by the control of Naqshabandiya Army on the left bank of Mosul.
I do not want to bank on the internet or with a piece of plastic - I just want old-fashioned banking with a cheque book account.
Leighton received a greater payment for trading profits generated in his back book account than he did for customary trades with Knight's institutional customers.