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Synonyms for boo

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Synonyms for boo

a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

show displeasure, as after a performance or speech


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One often hear so-called soccer fans booing their teams after a poor performance but do we as lovers of the game of rugby football want to follow suit?
But even so, booing your team when they've won sounds like a dangerous precedent to me.
jamesthesport tough one, would be hard not to boo if we lose 2 wigan but not a fan of booing @KW148 keep the faith, cup semi in 2 weeks and league performances will improve @weirdfish24 Clap and boo if we get thrashed, which is rare as Wigan are 18th.
And there are worse crimes than booing that football commentators can highlight.
I'll probably switch over after ten minutes and start booing the contestants on Celebrity Masterchef.
I WAS embarrassed by the booing Best got as he went off today.
Booing has been a feature of the new Wembley, and Bevington continued: "Unfortunately, we are all aware that we have had problems of this kind since we have come back here.
Of course booing isn't a new-age phenomenon, the act stems back to the ancient Greeks who would boo bad performances and clap good performances.
Booing doesn't reflect poorly on the football team, player or coach who's being booed but rather the person who's handing it out.
Mind you, I reckon the booing instincts were always there and not too well hidden either.
Hamm went back on the horizontal bars stage, but the booing went unabated.
THE performance was shocking but there's no excuse for booing players wearing our shirt.
Did you ever go to a baseball game and hear the fans booing a highly paid player failing to run out a grounder or hustle after a ball that got by?
If cheering and celebration is allowed and encouraged then so should booing when it is appropriate.
But the Professional Cricketers' Association chief executive was slammed for his lack of condemnation of the booing, which Ali's father Munir put down to his Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage.