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Synonyms for boogie-woogie

an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)


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Silvan Zingg is one of the world's famous Boogie-Woogie and blues piano players.
Only he could insist on playing boogie-woogie piano to acknowledge 19th Century composer Wagner.
This book is a new edition of a work published in 1989 with a slightly different title: A Left Hand Like God: A History of Boogie-Woogie Piano (New York: Da Capo).
Ol' Bloo's Boogie-Woogie Band and Blues Ensemble" is an illustrated Southern tale for children ages 6-10 about an old donkey whose dreams of retirement are interrupted by the threatening musings of Farmer Brown, who had decided to put the "poor beast outta his misery.
The boogie-woogie maestro's previous gigs there have proved hugely popular, and he's back this Saturday accompanied by his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.
The text has funny moments that beg for extra conversation: have you ever seen a badger boogie-woogie before?
1929: In Chicago, boogie-woogie pioneer Clarence "Pinetop" Smith was killed as he sat at his piano, by a gunman's bullet not intended for him.
The boogie-woogie piano star will be performing with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and the top Birmingham songstress in support of his new album.
On Tuesday he talks about leaving the band at the height of their success to play his own type of boogie-woogie music.
At the same time, it expands into the realms of straight-ahead rock, boogie-woogie and Professor Longhair-style ``Day Care Blues.
My hopes for such a history were raised by the fact that the checklist for the Paris exhibition included both Kandinsky's Impression III (Konzert) of 1911, the painting he made the day after hearing a concert of Schonberg's music in Munich, and Mondrian's New York City, 1942, started shortly after his discovery of boogie-woogie.
The boogie-woogie pianist and his big band will be joined by singers Sam Brown and Ruby Turner at the city's Playhouse on August 2.
While Rebennack is more familiar for a Creole-flavoured blues, jazz and boogie-woogie these days, his classic late 60s album Gris-Gris saw him unleash the sound of deranged, psychedelic swamp-rock.
The repetitive eight-to-the-bar bass line of boogie-woogie blues structure found a perfect home in Mondrian's disciplined rectangles.
Building flashy styles with roots in ragtime, boogie-woogie more than any other blues style, had a run in high-society circles before petering out as most fads do.