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Synonyms for boogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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The Boogeyman is played with devilish self pitying glee by a terrific Jude Law who is clearly having a ball.
A philosophical and metaphysical discussion wrapped in a novel Boogeymen and Bedtime Stories follows the interactions between the Boogeyman who appears in multiple guises and acts as a guide to mind-expanding experiences and Charlie a contemplative man who intends to explore the question of life's purpose while on a hiatus from work.
The gruesome film is set around a college campus and Jayne is one of a succession of nubile young students to be savaged by the evil Boogeyman.
Citing a 2005 report from the League of Women Voters of Ohio that found only four fraudulent votes out of 9 million cast in 2002-2004, he adds, "All this talk offerreting out voter fraud is creating a boogeyman that doesn't really exist.
The image that the word Boogeyman conjures up is not of a menacing figure of mythical dread but of John Travolta in double breasted white jacket circa Saturday Night Fever period.
Who has time for gay marriage, activist judges, or brain-dead bulimics when you've got a real boogeyman to freak out about?
It's a whimsical journey blending comic book imagination with elements of the boogeyman.
Boogeyman (15) Young man (Barry Watson) returns to old farmhouse to confront childhood demons.
In particular, he's petrified of closets ( his psychiatrist must have a field day ( having watched his father fall victim to the bloodthirsty Boogeyman, who lurks in the dark, enclosed spaces.
Tim Barry Watson Kate Emily Deschanel Franny Skye McCole Bartusiak Jessica Tory Mussett Boogeyman Andrew Glover Tim's Mother Lucy Lawless Tim's Father Charles Mesure Uncle Mike Phillip Gordon Young Tim Aaron Murphy Pam Jennifer Rucker Dr.
56) titled "Stop Using The Boogeyman to Sell Security.
From the giants of the ring, such as Undertaker and Triple H, to the high-flying Rey Mysterio and extreme Boogeyman, they all have one thing in common.
LOW-budget horror flick BOOGEYMAN (15, 89 mins), Tim (Barry Watson) is traumatised as a kid by a monster in the closet.
In particular, he's petrified of closets, having watched his father fall victim to the bloodthirsty Boogeyman, who lurks in the darkness of every enclosed space.