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a prize given to one who finishes last in a contest

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To add spice there was an additional box numbered 13, which might contain the star prize - usually a holiday - or a booby prize.
Embattled United Airlines is using miles as booby prizes to assuage angry passengers.
BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce will hand out "Gold Bull" booby prizes to eight organisations, including Marks & Spencer.
Plaster casts of Fanny were given as booby prizes during Clary's spoof game show, Sticky Moments.
Other winners of Plain English Campaign booby prizes included Trilogy Telecom, which referred to the laying of a cable as "physically installing the metallic facility path".
His fellow winners in the Golden Bull booby prizes include the European Commission, for a consultation document which promised that it would 'work to unlock clusters, through internationalisation, inter-regional co-operation and cross-sector fertilisation'.
Shoppers were invited to take up the microphone and have a go, with prizes for the best adult and children and booby prizes for disasters.
Other Plain English Campaign booby prizes included Trilogy Telecom, which said laying a cable was "physically installing the metallic facility path".
People learn best when they are having fun, and we think this Dating Game format - complete with some of 60s decor and booby prizes - will keep people engaged as we uncover the key issues in choosing an application service provider," said Gallant.
THERE were no booby prizes when a group of women threw off their bras to boost the coffers of a children's cancer charity.