booby prize

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a prize given to one who finishes last in a contest

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Three of the boxes contained booby prizes, such as an odd sock, a mousetrap or a bag of sweets.
In the August 6th DM Notebook, I awarded a booby prize to Sports Illustrated for a gift subscription offer which, while offering me the opportunity to give a gift, required me to renew my own sub at the "regular price" of $83.
Chief Inspector Martin Allan warned he would award a booby prize to his worst- performing bobbies.
In this piece, understanding seemed to be the booby prize.
Hardly a booby prize, Staff Mess privileges are doled out to about 100 White House workers, mostly commissioned officers to the president.
The booby prize for contamination is split between catfish (PCBs and pesticides) and swordfish (mercury).
SIR - The booby prize for last week's no-brainer must go to the Government Minister, who suggested that to save money, "people", presumably middle-aged women, should care for elderly relations in their own homes.
RIZE BOOBY PRIZE J Georgia has been a snorefest on BB n
Just as difficult were the cryptic clues on the show itself, given to each team of contestants in order to guess what goodies were up for grabs and which might be the Dusty Bin booby prize.
Name the weather service that picked up a booby prize at the Plain English Campaign Awards?
BOOBY prize in reality TV definitely has to be winning The Apprentice.
It was a show where the booby prize was rubbish (for the carrying of).
But if Rag and Bone, the performance I joined last night, is anything to go by, then I'd be surprised if there's a single booby prize in the entire bran tub.
The Little Bra Shop has proved a winner with customers too - there's not a booby prize to be seen.
Ellis Short was confirmed as owner of Sunderland and Steve Bruce as manager, both while poor old Alan Shearer was spending a fortnight sweating over his employment by an owner much more concerned with trying to sell his booby prize once again.