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Synonyms for booby

Synonyms for booby

an ignorant or foolish person

small tropical gannet having a bright bill or bright feet or both

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The brown booby was with a group of double-crested cormorants, a common local waterbird similar in size and coloring to the booby.
We identified 11 species of bacteria from masked booby (Sula dactylatra) and Christmas shearwater (Puffinus nativitatis); 5 species of gram-negative bacilli, 4 species of Streptococcus (Enterococcus), and 2 species of Staphylococcus.
I have asked anglers for their views on the efficiency of the boobies and a high number believe it all has to do with the action of the booby as it moves in the water.
Police said the booby trap allegations were extremely serious and they were looking into the claims.
What horrible news for the Booby, finding out that McCririck will be spending 18 more Saturdays at home.
Staying alive is the best reason for a Soldier to read and study this history of booby traps.
Just want to make it straight - I'm not trying to create a negative advertisement for such friendly institutions as booby bars; all I'm saying is that being a zombie at the poker table is much better than waking up Sunday morning in a hospital bed trying to remember whether it was a bottle of Heineken or Corona Light that landed on your head last night.
Malice aforethought: A history of booby traps from World War One to Vietnam, Greenhill Books, London and Stackpole Books, Pennsylvania, 2004, ISBN 1-85367-613-6, hard cover with dust jacket, 270 pp, 60-plus b & w photos and drawings, 16 x 24 cm, UK 18.
In the August 6th DM Notebook, I awarded a booby prize to Sports Illustrated for a gift subscription offer which, while offering me the opportunity to give a gift, required me to renew my own sub at the "regular price" of $83.
The family of a burglar who was electrocuted when he tried to break into a bar in Illinois after-hours and triggered a home-made booby trap has been awarded pounds 46,000 to be paid by the bar owners.
However compared with related species, brown booby adults aren't unusually aggressive.
POLICE foiled bomb attacks by the Real IRA with the seizure of two booby trap devices in a major undercover operation near the Irish border, it emerged today.
The purpose of the 2-week course was to train personnel to recognize, detect, report, and plan the clearance of booby traps.
They had survived the worst that the Paras' mighty Maroon Machine could throw at them - only to be blown apart by a booby trap planted by their own side.