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class consisting of all those who are considered boobs

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Some of the snobbery in this book, its glittering, mandarin manner (the verbal equivalent of vogueing), the desire to e'pater le (straight) bourgeois, is due perhaps to a certain preemptive defensiveness, long-suffered humiliations of the sissy grown up to take his revenge on the booboisie that tried to tell him that as a sissy he could have no life.
He excited increasing vituperation from what he called the booboisie, especially in the Bible belt, another of his neologisms.
For intellectuals who felt ashamed about this state of affairs, the booboisie served as a kind of excuse, as well as a justification for feelings of superiority.
Since his chief target was complacent middle - class values, he elicited violent retorts from those he labeled the " booboisie.
Mencken, Slate's Jack Shafer reminds us that for all his many failings, the Sage of Baltimore remained a "laureate of free thinking" and a consistent critic of conformity ("Scourge of the Booboisie," page 48).
Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Mencken waxed angrily eloquent against American moral puritanism and its adherents, whom he labeled "the booboisie.
During its heyday Smart Set made sprightly war on gentility and the booboisie, especially in its department called "Americana.
I assume you are already subscribing to the pride of Boonville and perennial thorn in the taut nates of the booboisie of Mendocino County, the Anderson Valley Advertiser.
His true subject is the latest manifestation of the booboisie that so exercised H.
All the beautiful subtle touches in Gaddis's evocation of his characters' lives are counterweighted by contemptuous, sledgehammering cliches about the booboisie.