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Synonyms for bony

Synonyms for bony

Synonyms for bony

very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold

composed of or containing bone

having bones especially many or prominent bones



References in classic literature ?
Quick as a flash she understood the joke, her fear vanished, and with a wicked smile, she whipped out her scissors, cut the threads, and the bony arm dropped with a rattle.
Clasping them with bony arms, like an animated skeleton, he emitted deep, impatient sighs.
The next day, Nathaniel Pipkin saw old Lobbs go out upon his old gray pony, and after a great many signs at the window from the wicked little cousin, the object and meaning of which he could by no means understand, the bony apprentice with the thin legs came over to say that his master wasn't coming home all night, and that the ladies expected Mr.
The alarming intelligence was no sooner communicated by the bony apprentice with the thin legs, than the girls tripped upstairs to Maria Lobbs's bedroom, and the male cousin and Nathaniel Pipkin were thrust into a couple of closets in the sitting-room, for want of any better places of concealment; and when Maria Lobbs and the wicked little cousin had stowed them away, and put the room to rights, they opened the street door to old Lobbs, who had never left off knocking since he first began.
He soon recovered the effects of his attachment, for we find his name in the parish register, as a witness to the marriage of Maria Lobbs to her cousin; and it also appears, by reference to other documents, that on the night of the wedding he was incarcerated in the village cage, for having, in a state of extreme intoxication, committed sundry excesses in the streets, in all of which he was aided and abetted by the bony apprentice with the thin legs.
said Tom, who held the notion that all the martial heroes commemorated on the public-house signs were engaged in the war with Bony.
Sterling and Bony also put down markers in the Champions League to answer their critics.
Bony has five in total since his PS28m switch from Swansea January and boss Manuel Pellegrini has pleaded with fans to be patient with him.
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE P Juventus 3 Man City 3 Sevilla 3 Borrusia M'gladbach 3 But Bony feels it is only a matter of time before he gets back to being the striker who scored more Premier League goals than anyone else in 2014.
Bony is a man of few words but plenty of action - and most of his deeds off the pitch are for the well-being of the less fortunate.
Bony has started only twice for City since leaving Swansea in January for an initial PS25m fee which could yet rise to PS28m.
A Liberty goal hero just four months ago, Bony left South Wales in a stunning PS28m move only to see him struggle for games and goals as City crashed out of Europe and lost their grip on the Premier title.
Just seven weeks ago Bony extended his deal with Swansea until 2018, but the Ivory Coast international is now close to leaving south Wales for the W Etihad Stadium.
But he admits he could be shining in the red of Liverpool instead, a young Bony having arrived on Merseyside for a twoweek trial in 2007.
Bony joined the Swans from Dutch side Vitesse Arnhem in June 2013 for a club-record PS12million and the Ivory Coast forward scored 25 goals in his first season.