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gull-like jaeger of northern seas

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Now we learn that Great Auks, the marauding Shetland bonxies, which used to feed on fish discarded at sea, are feeding instead on young puffins and guillemots because, with the shrinking of the fleet, there are so few discards any more.
Wouldn't it be ironic if the pleas of Scotland's fishermen at last got a hearing in Brussels not because the Commission are worried about fishermen's children being deprived, but because it can't bear the thought of starving bonxies gobbling up hapless puffins and guillemots.
Great skuas,also often referred to as Bonxies, their oldNorse namest ill used on Shetland where they breed,can tackle birds as big as gannets and have no fear attacking people that make the mistake of venturing to close to a nest.