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gull-like jaeger of northern seas

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Built like a gull on steroids, the bonxie is streaked brown with a huge, cruelly hooked bill.
But arching in behind them, with menace, was the unmistakable silhouette of a bonxie.
This year many bonxies have turned cannibal and at most colonies, no young are expected to fledge.
Now we learn that Great Auks, the marauding Shetland bonxies, which used to feed on fish discarded at sea, are feeding instead on young puffins and guillemots because, with the shrinking of the fleet, there are so few discards any more.
They had strayed off the paths and got too close to nesting sites used by Skuas - known locally as bonxies - which have little fear.
The perilous fortunes of seabird populations in the far north has seen great skuas, or bonxies, as one of the few species to thrive - but they have started feeding on a variety of species, rather than mobbing gulls to give up their food.
Great skuas,also often referred to as Bonxies, their oldNorse namest ill used on Shetland where they breed,can tackle birds as big as gannets and have no fear attacking people that make the mistake of venturing to close to a nest.