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a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot

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James Benn with his remaining bonsai tree after seven were stolen
Some of the bonsai trees on display in Montreal are almost a century old, but are no larger than a small garden shrub.
Peter Fielding, of Penarth, keeps bonsai trees and, inset, martial arts master Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid
It will have contemporary decor featuring artwork by graffiti artist Erni Vales, koi kites flown during impromptu celebrations, and several Bonsai trees.
Your storied life spanned 10 decades, during which you lived fully, with intelligence, compassion, your trademark barbed wit, your love of kits and children, bonsai trees and bawdy jokes.
They retreat to Nighy's house, where they discover he keeps his furniture under plastic covers, prunes bonsai trees and knows 17 different methods of strangulation.
as she indulges her boy friend's passion for BONSAI TREES.
DevyaniAAEs best bonsai creations were on display in the SampatsAAE garden, where the practical class was conducted on caring for and nurturing bonsai trees.
Her lovely garden with a beautiful collection of Bonsai trees bears witness to her mastery, creativity and passion for this unique art.
A FAILED asylum seeker found with 200 cannabis plants in a Wrexham house claimed he thought they were bonsai trees.
On entering the exhibition, visitors pass through a display of very old bonsai trees that was created by bonsai master Seiji Morimae.
A small business specializing in something fairly unusual, like bonsai trees, could spend about $500, plus another $150 or so for two to three hours per quarter of maintenance, he said.
LIVING ROOM Less Expensive: Bonsai trees look great in every room, and if cared for properly, will last for several years
Gifts and luxury items, including bonsai trees, Chinese rugs, traditional sweets and cakes, will be on sale.
Organised by Sketts Market Operators and Wychavon District Council the event in the pretty Georgian market town saw the sale of a host of products, including Bonsai trees, gardening equipment and topiary.