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a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot

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Akira Ouchi said that Bonsai is a fascinating art practiced by people world over of growing miniature trees through unique techniques involving profound observation and insight for the nature.
According to a police report published last year, there are now some 400 varieties of bonsai found in Turkey.
For Velasco, who nurtures over 350 bonsai trees at the botanic garden -- one of the largest and oldest bonsai collections on public display outside of Japan -- it all started with a bonsai he purchased as a young man at a street fair in San Francisco.
My most startling discovery about bonsai trees was that unlike dwarf fruit trees that are genetically engineered to be small, the bonsai artist starts with a regular specimen--a tree that has all the potential to grow and produce fruit, but that is prevented from doing so by restrictive containers and repeated pruning.
Mr Uchida will help refine some of the bonsai owned by the collection and in doing so the staff and volunteers will learn the valuable techniques used to create some of the world's finest bonsai, as seen in Japan.
He has been with Cardiff Bonsai Club from its start.
Whatever it is, if it is not what you think of as bonsai then the first lesson is over and then comes the exciting bit.
A COVENTRY Paralympian who spent years showing people the therapeutic benefits of growing bonsai trees has died aged 76.
Annelie van Zyl, manager of Bonsai Secretarial Compliance Services, said the business was started in 2007 with the vision to provide an independent, professional company secretarial service to companies and close corporations.
The wrapped Bonsai is more poetic because it's a form which has already been constrained," said Cardiffbased Lawrence, a graduate in fine art printmaking at the Royal College of Art, who was inspired by Japanese wrapping aesthetics.
uk, 0870 411 7112); Ceramic pot with Bonsai pounds 15 (www.
He paused to examine each bonsai tree, careful not to touch the bitsy branches.
THINK small for Christmas with our special Chinese Elm bonsai offer.
The two-day event will feature Bon Odori dances, traditional folk dancing that dates back hundreds of years, as well as food and games, bonsai plants, Taiko drums, handmade Japanese dolls and a tea ceremony.
We've all heard of bonsai trees, they conjure up images of tiny ancient trees that are worth a lot of money.