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very pleasing to the eye

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Bonnie (Judi Evans) has been masquerading as Adrienne (also Evans) for a while on the NBC soap, while the real Adrienne has been sitting in prison in her place.
The original Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow) were armed robbers whose gang terrorised America during the Great Depression.
Bonnie was a wife, mother, grandmother and still working the night shift as a nurse in our community hospital.
Meghann Pernot, 25, says she and multimillionaire Robert Sullivan, 67, cheated on Bonnie for 18 months, including weekly sex in hotels in a six-month period.
Bonnie said: "I've just got divorced but I'm all right.
Bonnie added: "I'm so thrilled and delighted to be part of EastEnders.
When Bonnie came in for a routine blood test around a week ago, there was no evidence to betray the fact that she had a serious medical problem.
Bonnie left before completing her training and married David and they moved to Wingham, where they had two children, Jane, born 1970, and Ian, born 1971.
The Bonnie Marcus Collection has grown from wedding stationery to a comprehensive line of cards for every occasion that feature her signature fashionista characters.
The skating professional took his place beside star of the stage Bonnie Langford on ITV's Dancing On Ice.
PUPPY: Bonnie is looking for a nice loving home THIS abandoned pup is on the lookout for a loving home.
Jeff Walters, 72, and wife Bonnie, 62, have been asked to prove they are a genuine couple by providing shopping receipts from years ago.
50 Doncaster Sell at 0 in a match bet with Bonnie Brae Regal Realm is a difficult filly to weigh up.