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small harmless hammerhead having a spade-shaped head

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When the researchers blocked both vision and lateral line, blacktip and bonnethead sharks could not follow the odor trail to locate prey, but nurse sharks could.
Species Captures Weight (kg) Atlantic sharpnose 4,197 5,199 Bonnethead 830 1,519 Smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis 134 344 Florida smoothhound, Mustelus norrisi 121 291 Carcharhinidae 85 99 Blacknose 81 226 Angel shark 59 159 Carcharhinus sp.
5 mg/l create physiological stress for bonnethead sharks (increased mouth gape and swimming speed).
Behavioral and physiology responses to hypoxia in the bonnethead shark.
Anglers drifting the flats with popping corks and shrimp are picking up a few undersized cobia to go with their trout, and are seeing some pompano and bonnethead sharks.
You'll find plenty of whopper jacks, ladyfish, bonnetheads, redfish, black drum and pompano, along with sporadic cobia appearances, but this is one of the best spots in Tampa Bay for winter trout action.
A lot of times, on the bar out front, bonnethead and blacktip sharks are plentiful--the 3-to 4-footers, perfect size.
For example, bonnetheads can store sperm, but no one had documented such storage for more than 5 months, or that juveniles would mate in the first place.
Chapman gave a talk about genetic markers that can identify individual bonnetheads.
Geneticists have confirmed a case of birth without mating in a bonnethead shark, one of the smaller hammerhead species.
Expect mostly blacktips but don't be surprised if bonnetheads, bulls, spinners, lemons or hammerheads crash the party.
Another thing to be aware of is that these waters hold many sharks, including blacktips, lemon sharks, hammerheads, bonnetheads and bulls.
Letting the scent trail kink back into the open bay, we soon had bonnethead sharks swimming upcurrent toward the boat.
Soon, the bonnethead sharks scattered and larger blacktips took over.
Follow Bishop's advice to sight fish a number of popular species, including lemon, spinner, blacktip, nurse, bonnethead and bull sharks.