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That bonhomie, however, didn't extend to easyEverything's staff, who suddenly found stock holdings they thought were worth up to pounds 20,000 had been devalued by their tycoon boss to the tune of 99 per cent.
The jarring bonhomie, the obsessive name-dropping, the barely-restrained glint of panic behind the fixed smile, Downe beautifully captures the sheer vacuousness of celebrity in a glance.
THE Friendly Games', as they are called, are underway and there's a sense of bonhomie building between foreign athletes and their Indian counterparts, as they get ready to take on each other at the Karni Singh Shooting Ranges.
Last month, bonhomie was seriously lacking at the Bank, when the Old Lady's quartet of external economists decided it was not fair that they should be asked to operate without advisers.
A virtual teetotaler, he did not drink with the boys, and had no patience for small talk and bonhomie.
Rani was among half a dozenodd stars who took to joining the annual bonhomie that celebrates the birthday of lord Krishna.
TENSIONS are running high in the I'm A Celebrity camp with even Joey Essex's unfailing bonhomie beginning to grate.
Your Poem SEASON OF LOVE, City buildings are festooned with bunting gay as we celebrate the onset of Christmas Day, People rush around from store to store, Buying presents for relations and friends galore, There's an atmosphere of bonhomie goodnatured banter and revelry.
He said it was necessary for both governments to promote people-to-people contact and develop bonhomie between communities.
While his irrepressible attitude might not be to everyone's taste, tackling a tour like this with anything less than insane levels of bonhomie and brio would probably be a mistake.
Apart from having a good time and spreading bonhomie, the aim is to raise awareness of global water issues and of the WaterAid charity supported by Northumbrian Water.
Down Royal is all that Irish enthusiasm and bonhomie wrapped up in a racecourse and plonked down within an easy drive of two airports, a ferry and some of the nicest hills in the UK.
4m jumps on Peter Allen's Mr Bonhomie and will now jump at the Pony European championships in Paris at the end of the month.
Cllr Cawthorne said: "Tom has honesty, style and bonhomie - to find those qualities in a mayoral candidate is a real gift.