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Synonyms for boney

having bones especially many or prominent bones


being very thin

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Even after three decades in the industry, Boney M are as focused now as they were at the start of their career producing several compilations such as Hit Story, Original Album Classics and Boney M Goes Club featuring DJ Doug Laurent and Barbara Streisand.
He also shares a great bond with Sridevi and Boney Kapoor, giving rise to speculation that he may help Jhanvi with her acting debut.
Boney also had the job of making phone calls to the trainers of Shimmering Surf and Kiama Bay.
Every year Yankee Candle throws a preview party to introduce new Boney Bunch pieces.
The lead vocals for songs on Boney M albums were sung by Farian himself, Marcia Barrett and Liz Mitchell, who quickly became synonymous with the group.
He had performed in the city the previous night with three women backing singers as part of a re-formed Boney M comeback tour.
Bobby lived in Amsterdam and his agent John Seine said from the Netherlands yesterday: "He did a show that night as part of Bobby Farrell's Boney M and they found him this morning dead in his hotel room.
The original Boney M had a string of hits in the 70s, including Daddy Cool and Rivers Of Babylon.
He was leading a group called Bobby Farrell and Boney M, with three women back-up singers.
To tap the fact that the film stars estranged lovers, Boney first launched promos with the tagline ' They are back together'.
Turtles ran into trouble because Boney and some staff lacked the serving permits the OLCC requires.
Show producer Michael Taylor says: "Two shows in one, the sequin-studded spectacular includes all of Boney M's million-selling hits - Brown Girl in the Ring, Daddy Cool, Rasputin, Ma Baker and dozens more.
Beelzebub's Boney Boney Backbone, meanwhile, is a geological erection, a cigarette-like minaret of piled boulders made from scrap wood, topped by a nearly barren conifer reminiscent of the spire atop the Chrysler Building.
Boney Maroney - real name Melodie Staniforth - has confirmed she would stand against him in Sedgefield at the next election.
Although lots of men have started knitting since Rosie Greer made it politically correct a few years ago, Mariye says she hasn't been able to teach her husband, jazz saxophonist Boney James, the fine art of knitting.