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any wheeled vehicle that is dilapidated and uncomfortable

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Lifted the whole stadium with a boneshaker of a tackle on Luke O'Donnell.
The big night was rounded off with a gig by rockers Boneshaker.
12 -- color) This Shire Boneshaker from the late 1870s was welcomed by older riders, who found the balanced wheel sizes and low saddle easier to manage.
The boneshaker and penny farthing are both types of what?
One of the team's bikes failed to arrive at Santiago Airport and as a result Jimmy had the arduous task of riding the replacement "Chilean boneshaker of a bike".
Captain Scott Fawcett, of Boneshaker Charters in Stuart, had an inverse explanation, related to the unusually cold winter: "The water didn't get warm enough to force the fish out of the Gulf Stream early enough.
Apparently five minutes later, our usual baths boneshaker turned up, leaving the fourth years with no option but to travel to Whitley Bay and back on it.
The CR-Z really impresses in this mode and is an enjoyable car to drive, though you really feel the stiff chassis on uneven roads - it's a real boneshaker.
ABOUT my only real experience of serious cycling involved climbing the Hilltown in Dundee on an old boneshaker.
Although we have been on the move all day in sticky heat on a boneshaker minibus Kathstill looks cool in her pale blue trouser suit.
He revealed today's youngsters aren't interested in pedalling the gearless old boneshaker all over town.
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As a result the group are now taking turns riding what they describe as the 'Chilean boneshaker of a bike'.
Coventry Transport Museum Drop in all day and create a boneshaker calendar.
The Fireworks team, consisting of six firefighters from Roath, Whitchurch and Pontypridd fire stations, will tackle hurdles such as The Boneshaker and The Graveyard to raise cash for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).