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any wheeled vehicle that is dilapidated and uncomfortable

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Ribs ached from the steel frames that dug into them as the boneshakers were trundled downhill at an angle of sixty degrees.
It was called the boneshaker because of the way it shook the rider as he rode on bumpy cobblestone streets.
The book Boneshaker by Cherie Priest is listed, but the book is actually The Boneshaker by Kate Milford.
Boneshaker, captained by Scott Fawcett, won the 2011 Treasure Coast Sailfish Championship.
The French Michaux velocipede, or boneshaker, with cranks and pedals connected to the front wheel, was an immediate curiosity.
City resident James Starley was named the "father of the bicycle industry" after redesigning the French boneshaker to invent the modern bicycle.
They have a boneshaker, a penny-farthing and a 'modern bike'.
After that boneshaker, I was back in the hands of the local tourist authority guide, who suggested a far more sedate ride out to look at the flowers and birds.
Despite its lowered and stiffened suspension, low profile tyres and 19in wheels the Audi is no boneshaker.
Lifted the whole stadium with a boneshaker of a tackle on Luke O'Donnell.
The big night was rounded off with a gig by rockers Boneshaker.
12 -- color) This Shire Boneshaker from the late 1870s was welcomed by older riders, who found the balanced wheel sizes and low saddle easier to manage.
30pm 17 Boneshaker,The Coach and Horses, Dumfries, 9pm-12am 22 Acoustic Afternoon,The Coach and Horses, Dumfries, 2-5pm 22 Absolute Classics presents James Newby (baritone) and Simon Lepper (piano), Annan Academy Performing Arts Centre, 7.
Starley manufactured a pedalled-bicycle (or velocipede) which soon became known as the boneshaker.
The boneshaker and penny farthing are both types of what?