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The scheme's focus should be the thinnest cows and lightest cows in the P1-P2 classification category which were previously referred to as boners, used only for mince, and which have a very low meat yield but high boning out costs,' said Mr Forster.
Von mehreren Seiten ist berechtigterweise an der Annahme Lohrs und Boners gezweifelt worden, Petrus de Monasterio habe eigenhandig seinen Buchbesitz bezeichnet.
What followed was one of the sport's biggest boners, and we all got a little ill.
When multiple biases become too bizarre, they turn into howlers, like so many student boners.
More than 50 Portuguese boners and slaughtermen have been drafted in at the Grampian Country foods plant in Gaerwen, Anglesey, which employs more than 400 people.