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fertilizer made of ground bones

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The bonemeal that comes out of it looks just like what comes out of the box.
I bought my mud in Poland, stained glass in France, found bonemeal in
A musty smell, rising from decomposing vegetation and bonemeal, would bring visions of long-dead people to your mind.
They are fed on a diet of non-GM coarse ground cereal with no meat, fish or bonemeal.
THE saga surrounding plans to build a meat and bonemeal incinerator close to Aidan O'Brien's stables at Ballydoyle, Tipperary, has been resolved, writes Tony O'Hehir.
Give fig trees a dressing of bonemeal and a mulch of compost over the root run.
Replant them carefully in a good big hole with plenty of organic matter and a handful of bonemeal.
Each spring, the Hills' roses are fed with a mix of controlled-release fertilizer, blood meal, and bonemeal.
For example, those who use banned feed, and those who mix animal feed with bonemeal from the remains of dead animals, would be dealt with more severely than before.
British cattle were exposed to BSE when they were fed bonemeal made from the ground-up carcasses of infected livestock.
A handful of bonemeal can also be added to give the roses an extra helping-hand.
7% and a 90-100% lead recovery of a bonemeal standard reference material.
A sprinkling of bonemeal will help to get roots going but fertiliser isn't essential.
Alternative sources of calcium include kale, broccoli, and sardines, as well as calcium supplements, though recent studies have shown that some supplements, particularly bonemeal, contain lead (SN: 9/4/93, p.
This report will analysis production, consumption, trade and prices of the whole industry, as well as major feed stuff, inculding corn, soymeal, feeding fishmeal, bonemeal and feeding Met, and review conpetition situation and external market in 2009 based on macro-economy, feed stuff market and farming industry.