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Neither I nor Surefire will take pity on you were you to do something so boneheaded.
Really, if Barack Obama were to declare war on Belgium because he'd always found [fictional character] Tintin Au Congo offensively racist, or David Cameron were to launch a nuclear strike on Mykonos because all those white-painted buildings were 'way too gay,' you still wouldn't be half way close to equaling the quite breathtaking stupidity, purblind ignorance and suicidal wrongheadedness of the disasters currently being inflicted on the world by our boneheaded political and administrative classes on their holy mission to 'combat climate change.
You don't need a degree in statistics or epidemiology to realize that making sweeping generalizations based a dozen kids is a fairly boneheaded thing to do.
It homes in not only on the comically boneheaded but also on the strange complexity of peoples' lives and allegiances.
com) illustrates some of the more boneheaded attitudes and activities spawned by smart devices.
We've experienced too many incorrect or boneheaded directions from MapQuest, Google Maps, GPS devices, or other mapping tools.
Few things are more daunting to a writer than being called to account for long-ago predictions, which is why I try to avoid them, or at least load them with enough caveats to provide a backdoor escape for what might turn out to be boneheaded thinking.
And yet, tragically, there is also a tiny element of brainless and boneheaded individuals who appear hell-bent on acting like wild animals and, in the process, dragging this city into the gutter.
For the latest televised japery is no boneheaded 'prank' or act of moronic chauvinism, but the gently humorous exploits of someone you might NOT want to punch in the face the instant you meet them.
Excitement clouds your judgment to the point where you make boneheaded mistakes or needlessly rush the shot.
Schwarzenegger never should have gone ahead with his boneheaded plan in the first place.
Nor was the boneheaded approach of their forwards whose indiscipline, Ashton correctly pointed out, cost their side field position and momentum and gifted the world's most accurate kicker too many scoring opportunities.
But that is all that can be discerned at this stage, opening the stage for every possible interpretation of the American move, none of them conducive to either stability or US interests and all of them made more plausible by earlier examples of the Bush administration's boneheaded attempts at Machiavellianism.
I mention this not with any great sense of joy, but because as old as I am, I still can't get used to boneheaded farce when I run into it.
Most of Bryan Caplan's points ("The 4 Boneheaded Biases of Stupid Voters," October) are well-taken.