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com)-- The day before the second National Republican Primary Debate, Boneheads 2016 - a new line of dog biscuits shaped like the heads of presidential candidates -launched as a project on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.
But Ayotte, who headed the office during more than a few of the bonehead plays, told the committee in June 2010 that she had no personal knowledge of FRM.
Bonehead, who left Oasis at the height of their fame in 1999, teams up with Pete for the Scot's hometown concert at Coatbridge's Soundwave studios on Saturday, February 25 - with Alan McGee as DJ.
Until the furore over Andy Gray and Richard Keys' bonehead comments, I had never looked back on it - what strikes me is that it was very unremarkable and was immediately accepted.
The Bonehead Lite ($48/3 pack) is another carbon glue-on broadhead.
Frustrated, Bonehead and Clumsy departed in great haste.
It's misplaced confidence, it's pseudo arrogance and that leads to bonehead mistakes.
Mr Bone - or Bonehead, as Boro will think of him - handed the Hammers an unbelievable Premiership victory.
I was setting up merch and one by one Nazis were filtering in with their Skrewdriver shirts and various other bonehead propaganda.
More puzzling, however, than a few bonehead companies and celebrities is the silence and lack of censure from so many other sectors.
At a family dinner, my bonehead jock cousin shoved a potato chip into my cake.
FORMER Oasis guitarist Bonehead and Salford alt-pop troubadour Vinny Peculiar have joined forces in a new band project called The Parlour Flames.
Bonehead said: "I've been in King Tut's since but I haven't played it.
Bonehead joined The Vortex full time in January after a string of guest appearances with the band.
The bands got a couple guys you might recognize like Jak's team Tommy Bonehead (Alcohol Funny Car, Love Battery) and Tim Hayes (Cryin' Out Louds, Kings of Rock, Helldorado) .