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It's quite telling that when Bonehead left, Guigs soon followed because he knew that we'd get someone in who was the b***s.
This visionary mission perfectly aligns with our love of flight and our goals of using the latest technology to continue developing innovative products for the aviation and composite communities," said Naomi Wagner, CEO of Bonehead Composites.
New York Mail writer James Bagley called the play, "Merkle's Bonehead Play.
The Oasis years they forgot to mention Bonehead used to stick fig rolls up his a*** ha ha
EX OASIS guitarist Bonehead & Salford alt-pop troubadour Vinny Peculiar have joined forces in a new band project called The Parlour Flames.
Turns out the AG's office, then and afterwards, was about as effective as Bonehead Merkle, the legendary early 20th century baseball player whose nickname needs no explanation.
Until the furore over Andy Gray and Richard Keys' bonehead comments, I had never looked back on it - what strikes me is that it was very unremarkable and was immediately accepted.
The Bonehead Lite ($48/3 pack) is another carbon glue-on broadhead.
you taught us rhythm made the bonehead lyrics matter, and hormones
Frustrated, Bonehead and Clumsy departed in great haste.
It's misplaced confidence, it's pseudo arrogance and that leads to bonehead mistakes.
Mr Bone - or Bonehead, as Boro will think of him - handed the Hammers an unbelievable Premiership victory.
I was setting up merch and one by one Nazis were filtering in with their Skrewdriver shirts and various other bonehead propaganda.
More puzzling, however, than a few bonehead companies and celebrities is the silence and lack of censure from so many other sectors.