bone-forming cell

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a cell from which bone develops

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Because these programmed mesenchymal stem cells replicate to provide all the bone-forming cells for an animal's entire life, very early calcium deficiency may have predisposed the piglets to have bones that contain more fat and less mineral.
Estrogen reduces osteoclast lifespan of and lengthens the lifespan of the bone-forming cells.
Holmer adds that medicines in the product pipeline for women include one for metastic breast cancer designed to block an aberrant gene that triggers abnormal growth, one that raises the number of bone-forming cells in order to help osteoporosis patients grow new bone mass and a vaccine designed to prevent bacteria that cause urinary tract infections from attaching to bladder cells.
A natural bone-growth factor can be used in these new implants to speed up healing by signaling the body to produce bone-forming cells called osteoblasts.
Bone lesions are a common occurrence in multiple myeloma (MM) and are a result of two compounding factors: an increase in myeloma cells inhibits bone-forming cells (osteoblasts) and increases bone destroying cells (osteoclasts), leading to the metabolic breakdown of bone (resorption).
BPS-804 works by inhibiting sclerostin, which itself inhibits the activity of bone-forming cells, known as osteoblasts.
Our findings suggest the compound stimulates bone-forming cells within the body.
The materials are built to mimic the body's own cellular niches, in which undifferentiated or "blank slate" stem cells from bone marrow transform into specific bone-forming cells.
In addition, this project will provide a new strategy for 3D printing of bone-forming cells by exploiting the unique advantages of cell-encapsulating bio-silica alginate hydrogels.
Once these cells are guided to the bone surface by this molecule, the stem cells differentiate into bone-forming cells and synthesize proteins to enhance bone growth.
Once implanted, bone-forming cells enter the matrix.
A protein present in cow's milk, as well as in human breast milk, stimulates bone-forming cells in lab dishes and induces bone growth when injected into mice, researchers have found.
The company says the program is intended to result in a new therapy kit for use with the AastromReplicell System, which will be designed to produce therapeutic quantities of bone-forming cells in the treatment of bone degenerative diseases such as Osteoporosis.