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fertilizer made of ground bones

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Wear protective gloves when handling organic fertilisers like bone meal.
BEIRUT: The Agriculture Ministry Tuesday issued regulations allowing the manufacturing of meat and bone meal from animal origin for export only, the National News Agency reported.
Currently, around 6,600 tonnes of coal is replaced by meat, bone meal and tyres.
Bone meal, de-oiled cake of mixed, and powdered oyster shell were purchased from manufacturers; their chemical properties and nutrient contents are shown in Table 1.
In the meantime, make sure you give the ground around the fruit bushes a good light forking over and add a handful of superphosphate of lime per square yard to aid berry growth, the same of bone meal to provide slow release fertiliser over the life of the crop.
Add a little bone meal as you plant to settle them in.
Then plant bushes in a sunny wellprepared site enriched with 4oz per sqm of bone meal.
The blend contains a mixture of bone meal, feather meal, kelp and several other ingredients.
It's best to dig a trench and work in some well-rotted organic matter before covering it with soil and a sprinkling of bone meal.
Previous cases of cutaneous anthrax in Belgium date from the 1980s, when a man became infected while unloading Indian bone meal in Antwerp Harbor.
The offspring component of the investigation found that all calves of interest died of causes unrelated to BSE, while the inquiry into feed confirmed that the affected animal was exposed to feed containing ruminant meat and bone meal that was produced before the Canadian government's 1997 ruminant-toruminant feed ban, it said.
Farmers began adding bone meal from slaughtered sheep to cattle feed.
If the disease was in Canada, it would also be found in the United States and Mexico, since all three NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] nations are one big free trade zone and all three countries feed their cattle slaughterhouse waste in the form of blood, fat, and rendered meat and bone meal," Stauber wrote recently on Alternet.
The factory worker said: 'Firstly the Government was wrong to license the mixture of meat bone meal into grazing animal feed.
SDI Europe has recently introduced the FeedChek[TM] test, designed to detect mammalian-derived meat and bone meal (MBM) in cattle feed.