bone dry

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without a trace of moisture


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After swishing his feet around in the muck, the man steps out to reveal the uncoated shoe covered in a thick layer of mud, and as the NeverWet coated shoe emerges, the mud shoots off the surface, leaving the canvas bone dry and completely unmarked.
Twenty years ago, every self-respecting restaurant had Muscadet as its 'house white', it was de rigueur, it was bone dry, it was chic.
These range from bone dry finos (15% abv), through Amontillados (19% abv) to Olorosos (19% abv).
The four-day Acropolis Rally is habitually held in searing temperatures on bone dry roads, stretching to the limit drivers' concentration.
Silver went to Thien Anh Huynh of Vietnam for the hope-inspiring image of saplings being watered in a bone dry desert landscape.
By the time the yeast layer, called 'flor', has eventually popped its clogs, the wine will have turned into an Amontillado or a Manzanilla Pasada - still bone dry and now with a lovely, lingering walnut-like taste.
It is important not to let the tubers become bone dry
God forbid their children should actuallywalk to school and getwet, today's competitionwas all about who could get nearest to the school gateswithout a care in theworld as long as their child arrived bone dry.
Many are now bone dry in places, which can turn games into a bit of a lottery.
Bone dry and flinty, this has a citrus sharp taste to it but in a pleasant way.
99 Go on: try this bone dry, salty, tangy Manzanilla with some tapas or a Spanish omelette - you'll see it belongs on the table, not in the side cupboard.
The finish though, is bone dry, masking the fruitiness that was evident at the start.
Different kinds can grow in all conditions, from soggy wet to bone dry.
The system will produce 1260 bone dry metric tons per day (BDMTPD) finished stock for newsprint.
Their prototype material, called MOF-5, remains steady as a rock even when bone dry and heated to 300 [degrees] C.