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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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Partially implantable bone conduction hearing aids without a percutaneous abutment (Otomag): Technique and preliminary clinical results.
Dr Kassouma explained that the bone conduction implants uses the body's natural ability to transfer sound.
Dr Kassouma explained that the bone conduction implants use the body's natural ability to transfer sound.
They also discussed the new system in the published paper "SkullConduct: Biometric User Identification on Eyewear Computers Using Bone Conduction Through the Skull.
6 Study Group (n=39) Frequency Bone conduction KHZ Mean [+ or -] SD Right Left 250 9.
Bone conduction auditory brainstem responses in normal hearing individuals (original title: Potenciais evocados auditivos do tronco encefalico por conducao ossea em individuos normais).
8000Hz and bone conduction thresholds at 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4,000Hz.
The device also lets him pick up infrared and ultraviolet colors, giving him better 'sight' than the average human, and it has been drilled into Harbisson's skull through bone conduction ( ANI )
Editor's note: The Google Glass uses a bone conduction technology for its audio output through a transducer that sits slightly behind of the user's ear.
You see, we hear via two mechanisms; direct impulse to the eardrum, and bone conduction through the body.
Methods of intervention include surgical treatment or fitting of bone conduction (BC) hearing aids [2].
Another Panasonic innovation on show was a set of groundbreaking new bone conduction Bluetooth headphones which connect to your TV or audio device wirelessly.
Among specific topics are a cognitive approach to augmented navigation, the effectiveness of a two-channel bone conduction audio communication system in speech recognition tasks, using a systemic approach to identify performance enhancing strategies of rock drilling activity in deep mines, and age and the comprehension of written medical information on drug labels.
Masking was used for air conduction whenever the difference between the air conduction presentation level and the non-test ear bone conduction thresholds exceeded 40 dB for the lower frequencies and 60 dB for the higher frequencies5.
The Hearing impairment was sensorineural type because hearing loss was found in both air and bone conduction.