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Bowleaze has not been the most straightforward of horses to train, and Alner said: "In this race last year he slipped and fell and took three bone chips out of his hock.
Over the next 18 years, he found many more bone chips, including a large fragment of a rib, at the same place.
Last year's dig team found a few bones there beneath a light coating of sand, dirt, and bone chips.
OrthoBlast II is a combination of demineralized bone matrix particles (DBM) with cancellous bone chips delivered in RPM.
They then added stem cells to the bone chips, cells that had been derived from fat taken from the girl's buttocks.
Investigators have been unable to identify more than 12,000 body parts, from seven-stone pieces to bone chips, because their DNA was too badly damaged.
Stuffed heads of wild animals festoon the walls, bone chips of Catholic saints hang in the kitchen, and on Benes's worktable the gallstones of actor Larry Hagman are proudly played near a straw used by Lewinsky.
Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical technique widely used for treating knee injuries, is being applied in new ways by podiatric surgeons to relieve a variety of nagging ankle problems, including ligament damage, bone chips, and recurrent pain from end-stage arthritis.
Meat processors can recover every last bit of meat, while losing the bone chips and sinew, with the One-Step recovery system from Stephen Paoli International for product already rejected by bone chip elimination (BCE) devices in grinders.
This bone extraction system automatically removes bone chips, gristle and connective tissue from mince.
The Company was founded in 1997 to provide full range of products for bone tissue transplantation including allograft, bone cage, tendon, meniscus, cancellous bone chips, allograft paste, femur head, proximal, fibular shaft, skin graft, bone morphogenetic protein, and demineralized bone matrix, etc.
John Cena had surgery to have bone chips removed from his elbow on Tuesday, reports (http://www.
He's supposed to be going in for surgery on bone chips in his knee.
Lava Man was sent to Magali Farm near Santa Ynez, California, undergoing arthroscopic surgery to remove bone chips from his ankles.
Now fully fit after surgery to remove bone chips from his troublesome left elbow, King is raring to go, but he knows it will not be easy.