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black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone

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The material Enbio will apply to the outermost titanium sheet of Solar Orbiter's multi-layered heatshield is called 'Solar Black' - a type of black calcium phosphate processed from burnt bone charcoal.
Hoyos; and, finally, the possibility that the spots studied were different or painted in two phases, which would explain the presence of bone charcoal and charcoal in the samples (Fortea, 2000-2001: 13).
The upper and lower are made from 8620 carbon steel that has been color case hardened with the Turnbull bone charcoal process.
Now, due to the expense of bone charcoal color case hardening, many Italian reproduction gun makers employ the cyanide process.
Napa Vodka is filtered 10 times, first through activated bone charcoal and then through platinum-plated filters, removing minute impurities.
Told by his lieutenant that Svejk and his comrades were a "pack of swine," "barbarous hogs," and "useless monkeys" whose shanks and paws would be turned into bone charcoal through which the men's coffee would be filtered, the good soldier replies:
The samples also had a wide range of pore size distribution from predominantly microporous, <2 nm pore diameter [Envirotrol coconut (EC) shell activated carbon], mesoporous, 2-50 nm pore diameter (Hydrodarco and EB activated carbons), to the very large pores of the Universal animal bone charcoal.