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By covering the PEEK implant in this surface, we can ensure that the mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into the bone cells.
The structure of natural bone provides an optimal compromise between weight and strength, and the natural scaffold is porous to allow ingrowth of bone cells.
of Alberta, Canada, have now shown that bone cells, or osteoblasts, attach better to nanotube-coated titanium than they do to non-coated material, potentially creating better artificial joints and body implants.
By contrast, NELL-1 encourages stem cells to form bone cells instead of fat cells.
who have demonstrated that bone cells attach better to metals with rougher surfaces, potentially leading to more natural, longer lasting implants.
Throughout a person's lifetime, bones constantly renew themselves and ageing or damaged bone cells are replaced by new ones.
com) announces updates to their Bone Cell research database.
Researchers have now shown how a trio of proteins controls whether an embryonic stem cell takes an irreversible step toward developing into specific tissues or retains its raw potential to become a blood cell, bone cell, brain cell, or any other kind of cell.
This concise yet comprehensive treatment of the effects of spaceflight on biological systems includes issues at the forefront of life sciences research, such as gravitational biology, immune system response, bone cell formation and the effects of radiation on biosystems.
Bone marrow stromal cells were cultured on each, then analyzed to see which were most effective at creating deposits of calcium--a telltale of bone cell activity.
The researchers also made a detailed genetic study of the two types of bone cell.
66 by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to investigate bone cell death in microgravity arising from changes in parathyroid hormone related peptide (PTHrP) expression.
Orthofix is sponsoring independent research at the Cleveland Clinic, where scientists are conducting 'mechanism of action' studies to identify the influence of PEMF on bone cell proliferation.
PharmaMar presented new preclinical data on plitidepsin showing how it regulates the viability and function of bone cells in combination with other anti-multiple myeloma drugs.
September 26, 2017 -- Adding or removing water from a stem cell can change the destiny of the cell to either pre-fat cells or pre bone cells, researchers have discovered in a new study.