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Synonyms for bondwoman

a female bound to serve without wages

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a female slave

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9) By contrast, The Bondwoman "s Narrative is more evasive.
But Crafts's story does these things differently: slave narratives never resort to the sort of mainstream ingredients of melodrama (such as dungeon rats and ruins hidden deep in forests) in anything like the display found in The Bondwoman 's Narrative.
14) The Bondwoman "s Narrative may therefore be drawing promiscuously upon both Douglass's slave narrative and Dickens, or just upon Dickens alone, and deciding whether Douglass and Watts are fed into Crafts's text directly or by way of Dickens at this point can only remain moot.
Thus the question arises: how much does it matter whether The Bondwoman 's Narrative is written by an African American or a white?
Yet The Bondwoman "s Narrative, though a manuscript apparently free of any editorial intervention, fails to follow suit.
Such sentiments run right through The Bondwoman "s Narrative, even to its end, when, having escaped, Hannah observes how she "keep[s] a school for colored children" (237).
Blackening Bleak House: Hannah Crafts's The Bondwoman "s Narrative.
Entering church to pray, he encounters an old Mexican bondwoman, Sada.
Vnhallowed brats, seed of the bondwoman, / Swine deuourers, vncircumcised slaues / That scorne our Hebrew sanctimonious writte, / Despise our lawes, prophane our sinagogues.
10) Gabriel calls John the son of the bondwoman, a clear reference to the narrative of Abraham's rejection of Ishmael and Hagar.