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Synonyms for bonding

a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)

(dentistry) a technique for repairing a tooth

fastening firmly together


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The introduction 6f injection molding processes has led to new requirements for bonding agents such as improved sweep resistance or higher reactivity.
The development of high-performance elastomers or improved crosslinking systems confronts bonding agents producers continuously with new challenges.
So the emission of solvents during the; application of bonding agents increasingly poses problems.
Changing requirements make it necessary to develop ever more efficient and universal bonding systems.
At room temperature Successful bonding at room temperature has been accomplished with two classes of adhesives - PVC pipe cements and second generation acrylics (ITW B 0550 system), using the following procedure:
However, this type of bonding is difficult and requires a very precise technique.
With solvent adhesives In laboratory tests, hot bonding of Alcryn to polychloroprene has been accomplished with the EP 4802-75 adhesive system, using the following procedure: