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a holder of bonds issued by a government or corporation

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However, in concert with these provisions, REIT bondholders benefit from financial covenant constraints contained in REIT bond indentures.
The rating reflects the ultimate obligation of UBS to pay bondholders in full in the event of a commodity swap provider default.
Bondholders may tender their bonds on any business day, provided the remarketing agent is given the requisite prior notice of the purchase.
People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said it was farcical that bondholders were being paid for information on how to deal with the banking crisis.
Telewest Communications - the smaller of the UK's two cable groups - yesterday admitted it will have to sit down with its bondholders to rework a pounds 3.
Bondholders were told by their financial advisers after a series of meetings between the telecoms equipment company, two of its banks and a committee of bondholders, that there is no timetable for Marconi's debt restructuring or the implementation of a new business plan.
The International Monetary Fund and bondholders flex their muscles over the developing country's debt.
and the collapse of Lincoln cost thousands of Lincoln bondholders, many of them elderly, nearly $289 million.
We have to go by the document Ritter agreed to, the city agreed to and the bondholders agreed to,'' said Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford.
Fitch has concluded that in general Motorola's bondholders have limited protection in the event of an LBO.
Main Street Bondholders is happy to announce that Jovet, a well-known journalist and the first woman news anchor in Puerto Rico, is joining the coalition and representing fellow Puerto Rican bondholders.
All but two of the triggering events that terminate the prepaid gas agreement are optional as opposed to mandatory (such as Merrill Lynch's failure to supply gas or make a payment), introducing greater reliance on the Authority to act in the best interests of bondholders.
27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today The 60 Plus Association announced the formation of "Main Street Bondholders," a new small bondholder coalition made up of ordinary investors from Puerto Rico and the United States mainland who hold retirement, college and life savings in Puerto Rican bonds.
Based on Liberty's existing make-up, any future downward pressure on the rating would likely be limited to one-notch, as Fitch believes that the company's existing and pro forma asset coverage provides adequate bondholder protection for the rating category.