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informal terms for a human head

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Sigourney Weaver and Demi Moore were lauded for baring their bonces in the name of art, Sinead O'Connor made cropped hair her trademark, while Gail Porter is finally being taken seriously after the dignified way she's handled losing her "dumb blonde" locks to alopecia.
The ballooning bonces set the tone for the rest of the game.
Indeed, there were times that Jane was in danger of being blinded by her own sequins as the light bounced off the bonces of her follically- challenged audience.
The first Battle of the Bonces is set for November at Old Trafford when Mourinho will be hoping Andriy Shevchenko can leave Ferdinand tearing his hair out.
He had his nose broken during a game of head tennis when he clashed bonces with a friend of Derek Redmond.
After a little scratching of bonces, the decision was taken to let the train take the strain.
Each week guys wearing the strange-looking bonces dance before and after the ad breaks - winning something of a cult following.