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informal terms for a human head

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The Birmingham-based Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents rapped Her Majesty's knuckles after she took to the fields with nothing but a headscarf atop the royal bonce.
It's an astonishing feat given Rooney had scored just four headed goals in 316 matches prior to his current run, but the outstanding delivery of Antonio Valencia has played a big part and he is 10-11 with Bet365 to supply the cross when Rooney next scores with his bonce.
The follicles are flowing freely on the One Foot in the Grave star's normally bald bonce as he potters around as the wise mentor to the young spellcaster in BBC1's new Saturday-night family series.
10/ BRIGHTON I bring this up because Pep Guardiola is about to change all that, introducing his shiny bonce to the Etihad.
And the day's Amusing Ball Crew accolade goes to the ball girl who stood motionless as a Belinda Bencic serve fizzed past her ear only to rebound off the backboard and clump her on the bonce.
Batch, who's been complaining for years about beer cans stuck in his hand - "Can't bend me elbow, I'm droolin' so much I'm goin' rusty" - and traffic cones plonked on his bonce, reckons statues are being victimised.
BIKINI Z BONCE Jessie reckons her head looks like a tennis ball
Your soap hunk crown's in danger of slipping daahhhn your bald bonce.
Waller has also knocked up a severed bonce, a rabbit about to be stabbed by a carrot and Miss Piggy in a mincing machine.
Doddery men in tights and wigs, a woman dressed as a policeman bizarrely barking "Hats off, strangers", and an elderly queen with bits of metal on her bonce, accompanied by a tetchy old bigot, reading a piece of yellowing vellum.
Bonce However, the Villa boss insists that Agbonlahor still has plenty of room to improve, particularly in one area - heading.
At the seventh, Martin's approach was flying out of bounds but struck the unlucky spectator on the bonce.
I won't exactly say I reacted badly, but I managed to get through about 15 copies of the paper downmy local newsagents, colouring in the back of my bonce in each with blackmagic marker, beforeMr Patel threwme out.
To be hit on the bonce with a 6lb weight from two floors up could be very inconvenient.
It happens again; this time a cocktail sausage bounces off his bonce, but he still can't see his attacker.